First, install Bundler and Jekyll, create a new application and cd into it:

$ gem install bundler jekyll
$ jekyll new name-of-my-podcast
$ cd name-of-my-podcast

Create a file Gemfile or modify it, so that it contains:

source ""

gem "jekyll", "~> 4.0"
gem "jekyll-octopod"

This way, we tell Jekyll that we want to use Jekyll-Octopod. Now we install the Jekyll-Octopod and its dependencies and run the setup script via:

$ bundle install
$ octopod setup

The setup script copies all assets (for example the theme and templates) into your project. You should be prompted to overwrite a view files that are generated by Jekyll. If you answer the first question with capital Y, you won’t be asked again and all files are copied in batch.

Remove the file index.markdown, we are not going to use it:

$ rm index.markdown

Finally, generate the site and test drive it:

$ octopod serve

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