Bug reports and even more push requests are highly welcome!

At the moment jekyll-octopod is completely made to fit my personal needs and preferences. But it’s a high priority goal for jekyll-octopod to become more generic. This and of course bug fixes would make the sweet little octopod mascot smile the most.

But feel free to fork and push request and code and everything. If you want to contribute:

  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

Contribution to the docs

Docs are published in the repo, but they are created from

So to improve the docs, submit a pull request to the pages, all the actual textual content is stored in there.

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